Dream Diary

Your assignment today is to become a detective.  Search for clues that might lead to your hidden talents.  What do you really enjoy in life?  What gets you excited?  Think about all aspects of those items.  Do you have an undiscovered talent hiding within them?

  • Painting – Illustrious author, interior painter
  • Writing – Textbook author, Workbook creator, Novelist, Blogger, Journalist, Critic/Analyst, Technical Writer
  • Teaching – Teacher, Counselor, Aide, Educational psychologist, Assistant, Professor 
  • Animals – Ethologist, Veterinarian, Animal Assistant, Exp. Psychologist, Wildlife rehabilitator
  • Surveys/Quizzes – Career counselor, School Counselor, Journalist, Diagnosing
  • Counseling – Cog/Beh counselor, Marriage counselor, Career Counselor, Child Psychologist, Mental Rehabilitator 

Last night I had a dream that I was spending time with fully-grown Kara and Willy.  We were hanging out as adults for the first time ever.  These were kids I had known as a child and teenager, and there was always an obvious mental and physical age gap between us.  But now we were able to talk to each other and do activities that we could all enjoy.  It was really nice that I was reconnecting with them and learning about them all over again.  This is the second time I’ve dreamed of them so far this year, so I must miss them a lot.  I’m also really curious about who they are now that they’re older.

GRE Words of the Day

Tacit: Not explicitly stated, unexpressed; Synonym = Implicit; Most modern racism is tacit rather than overt.
Veracious: Conforming to fact, accurate; Synonym = Factual; The most credible candidates are those who deliver veracious arguments rather than opinions.
Laconic: Sparing of words; Synonym = Succinct; I was given advice to be laconic during my job interviews rather than fluffy.

Spanish Words of the Day

Vuestro: Your (plural)
Suy(a/o), Suy(o/a)s: his, her, their
Cinturon: belt
Cual(es): What, Which

In other news, Breaking Bad is really difficult to watch right now.  I have two more episodes left of the series, and I’m feeling so many different feelings.  I’ve seen the destruction of so many characters, and now Walt’s family is falling apart.  I understand the reasons behind everything Walt has done and continues to do, but he’s destroying everything good about his life in the process.  I just wonder how they’re going to wrap this series up.  I’m sure any kind of conclusion will be heartbreaking.  I mean, with Hank gone, it pretty much already is…


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