Spanish Words of the Day

Cerdo: pig
Conejo: rabbit
Arana: spider

Last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with my friends Sarah, Amy, and Brittany.  I am realizing now that I must really miss them, and that I miss the times we spent together.  I will have to do something with them soon.  Most of the dream is fuzzy to me, but I do remember that Sarah had a secret for us and that we all accepted it.  Possibly represents my fear of opening up to my friends?  However, by the way the dream went, I shouldn’t have anything to be afraid of (and I think a part of me realizes this).

I remember another dream.  I was spending time with Michael’s family (this part of the dream is very fuzzy), but then Michael started talking to a professor or counselor of some sort.  He was telling him how he was feeling depressed and like he didn’t have any friends.  He was frustrated that he wasn’t doing anything interesting and that he felt isolated.  I remember this bothering me, because I think Michael has some stronger friendships than I do.  Anyway, after that, the counselor person told Michael to go to this rock concert that evening so that he could try something new and meet new people.  This really bothered me and I remember feeling quite jealous.  I felt invisible, as if I didn’t matter.  I mean, I wasn’t invited, and he completely ignored that I was an important person in Michael’s life.  The counselor person even encouraged Michael to go with this other random girl, which added to my jealousy, of course.  But what really angered me was that he made it seem like Michael had no one, and that he needed to go do other things alone without me.  Interesting side note: I have only felt jealousy surrounding Michael in my dreams.  Is jealousy something that I suppress?

Dream Journal

Your assignment today is to take a look at where you are aiming.  Examine the targets you have set in your professional life and your personal life.  Are you aiming too low?  If you haven’t even set your goals, your assignment is to find a few targets and take aim.  It is very difficult to achieve success without seeing a goal before you.  Find your targets and aim high.

Personal Life Targets: Travel as often as possible, Buy a house, Find a hobby/talent, Take classes, Spend a lot more time with family and friends, Be anxiety-free
Professional Life Targets: Find my dream career, Go to graduate school, Open up a school/counseling center

New artists I like: The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, Beck, Young the Giant

I watched Memento last night with Michael. I loved it and immediately wanted to watch it again.  I haven’t yet, but I think I’ll watch a video of it in chronological order, if I can find one.  I plan to write a post about this film shortly.

Today, I will be playing Outbreak: Undead with Michael.  I also hope to watch the SNL episode I missed last night.


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