GRE Words of the Day

Contempt: Scorn, disrespect; Synonym = disdain; The man who stole from the store and then lied about it was held in contempt.
Impecunious: Poor, having no money; However, the man was forgiven shortly after when it was learned his family was impecunious.

Spanish Words of the Day

Comid(o, a, an, amos): walk
Nad(o, a, an, amos): swim
Ve(o, n, mos): see

Dream Diary

Your assignment is to experiment with the power you possess to be happy (if you want to be).  List ten things that make you happy and do at least three of them.  Then, do at least two random acts of kindness for someone else.  How do you feel?

1. Spending time with Michael
2. Reading and drinking tea
3. Writing, expressing myself
4. Painting
5. Watching movies/television
6. Taking a walk/hike, Biking
7. Playing/cuddling with animals
8. Spending time with friends & family
9. Learning/putting in hard work
10. Creating something new


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