GRE Words of the Day

Alacrity: cheerful readiness or eagerness
Bombastic: pompous, wordy
Berate: scold or criticize

Spanish Words of the Day

Tengo/Tienes: I have/You have
Oye: Hear

Dream Diary
Your assignment today is to set a really exciting goal.  It should be something that will take up your thoughts for awhile.  It can be a totally frivolous goal, but choose something that will make you proud when you’ve achieved it.

My goal: Be 115 pounds by the end of summer.
1800-1200 calories = 600 calories (food)
400 calories (exercise)
1000 calories/day * 7 days = 7000 calories/week = 2 pounds/week

April 4: 146
May 4: 138
June 4: 130
July 4: 122
August 4: 114

More news: I am now taking a new SSRI, Escitalopram, to treat my anxiety.  We’ll see how this goes.


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