GRE Words of the Day
Audacious: showing lack of respect; syn=fearless; The audacious soldier ignored his commanding officer and rushed into the battle.
Indolent: lazy, inactive; The indolent man stayed at home watching television instead of job searching.
Prodigal: wastefully extravagant; syn=spendthrift; The woman was unusually prodigal when it came to buying new shoes.

Spanish Words of the Day
Emparedado: sandwich
Quiero: I like
Hace: Make

Dream Diary

Face the worst. Apply to jobs. Call/email places. Drive around.

Believe the best. I will be hired & learn the job.

Do the most. I will apply to more than just a few places. I will sign up for more websites. I will drive around. I will ask my professors for recommendations. 


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