Your assignment today is to write a definition of yourself. Define yourself in three sentences or less. Then write down five things you really like about yourself and five things you wish you could change. Finally, if you could look deep inside, what color do you imagine your soul to be and why? Do this exercise quickly, and don’t spend too much time pondering your answers. Write down the first things that come to mind, and then leave it. Keep this definition in your notebook, and you will refer to it again a few months from now.

I’m a kind, loving, and reserved person who loves to listen to and help others. I love to learn and challenge myself intellectually, think deeply, and reflect on myself and the world. I am peaceful and love having a quiet, comfortable, but engaging life filled with meaningful people and hobbies.

Five things I like:

1) I am peaceful, loving & kind; truly care about others
2) I am hardworking and studious; love to learn and improve myself
3) I get really passionate about the things I enjoy and care about
4) I’m a great listener and advisor
5) I have a goofy sense of humor and make people laugh

Five things I wish I could change:

1) I would like to be less shy/anxious with people
2) I want to be more physically active/lose weight
3) I want to spend more time with others
4) I want to be more proactive about getting things done
5) I want to be less structured and go with the flow more easily

The color of my soul is green. Not only is it my favorite color, but I think it reflects who I am and the things that are important to me. For me, green is about peace, harmony, and being one with yourself and nature. That’s what my internal world is like most of the time.


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