When you journal, you are turning over the earth of your mind and soul and getting it ready for planting ideas. Journaling is a non-judgmental task. Just write down what comes to mind. Let your pen on the paper be an extension of your thoughts. Do not try to think about what you are going to say first and then write it down. This is not meant to be a perfect composition. The action is much more important than the result.

So I guess every day now this is going to be where I work on my daily assignments, but also talk about what’s on my mind.

Today I’m feeling anxious about my new job coming up. And about having to get all the rest of my stuff from New Jersey. Tomorrow I have to go to get a physical/TB test and get my fingerprints taken.

I’ve been playing Borderlands each day as well as working on my GRE words. Borderlands is really fun! Peter is great to play with and I think I’m getting better! He says I “don’t suck”. 😛 I chose to be the Hunter character, which means I basically specialize in sniping.

I am working on my GRE words as well, like I said. Learning vocab is always a challenge for me. I don’t know why I am so great with grammar and writing in general, but have such a poor vocabulary. I’m terrible at knowing what words mean. 😦


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