Day 1

GRE words of the Day

Culpability – a state of guilt
The culpability I have been experiencing from the pain I put Michael through is very strong.

Auspicious – favorable; the opposite of sinister
After the priest came to the house to cleanse it of evil spirits, the family’s living conditions have been auspicious.

Amenable – easily persuaded
After working with many customers who demurred his offers, the care salesman was pleased to have an amenable young man walk in.

Your assignment is to get a notebook. You can go to a bookstore and pick out a fancy journal or find a quirky spiral notebook at your local drug store. It can be silly or pretty or bold or non-descript. The only requirement is that you take it with you wherever you go. Keep that notebook with you for at least a week and write down your dreams whenever they pop into your head. It doesn’t matter if they are impossible. Don’t judge them. Just write them down. Have faith. Take that first step.

My dreams:

  • Get rid of my social anxiety
  • Get into educational psychology/special education program (graduate school)
  • Have a loving, positive relationship with Michael
  • Rent an apartment in NYC
  • Buy a house by a forest
  • Work as a BSC or learning specialist
  • Become a college professor
  • Open up a school
  • Lease a Jeep Wrangler
  • Travel to Europe
  • Go on an African safari
  • Get a puppy or kitty
  • Do wildlife rehabilitation
  • Improve my vocabulary
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn how to play the violin
  • Improve my painting skills
  • Do new things, explore the world

At times during my job I wonder if I’m capable of doing this. I kind of stopped myself from that kind of thinking today by telling myself I have two options: giving up, or improving. I want to choose improving. Today was a bit of a rough day with my client, so I’m feeling slightly defeated, despite doing many things correctly. But, like I told my client’s mother, today was still a success because we discovered some triggers we hadn’t seen before. Just a little side thought: purposely trying to make a little kid upset kind of sucks. That’s about all I have to say today for my journal.


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