Day 2

Today, your assignment is to observe your choices. Look at every decision you make, from the food you eat to the time you spend on various tasks, to the people you choose to hang out with. Are you making choices that limit you or choices that nurture you?

I chose to sleep in until almost 2:00pm – Limitation

I chose to talk to Michael – Nurture

Made myself a cup of tea – Makes me happy 🙂 -Nurture

Checked Tumblr, Reddit, Feedly, Weekend reads -Nurture, but can be limiting when I’m not flexible with it

Talked to my dad -Nuture

Played The Sims -Nurture

Made a movie list with Michael -Nurture

I chose to change my relationship status on Facebook -Nurture

I chose to delete/block Peter on Facebook and Skype -Nurture

I chose to write in this journal -Nurture, I suppose, though it’s putting me in a worse mood than I was previously

I chose not to catch up on Once Upon A Time -WTHK?

I chose not to watch The Walking Dead -WTHK?

I really felt apathetic about today’s task. It isn’t making me feel good at all, and I can’t even come up with any real good choices to talk about that will enhance my life, except perhaps choosing to wake up earlier in the morning from now on. Other than that, I feel like today’s journal is pointless and stupid and it’s making me feel anxious rather than optimistic about my future. When you think about it, every choice limits you. And you never really know what its effect is going to be until some time down the road. I just am not feeling good about this assignment.

Before this, I was actually feeling pretty good, though. I am enjoying talking to Michael and doing things together. I really would like to read more of Wayward tonight and take a hot bubble bath (especially after this awful entry).

I suppose both of those choices (reading and the bubble bath) are nurturing – I guess. But who really knows, right?

GRE Words of the Day

Ephemeral – lasting a very short while
When you look at all of history, the Roman Republic was quite ephemeral, despite its success at the time.

Eminent – standing above others in quality or position
The eminent army of Rome was able to conquer many civilizations.

Venality – the condition of being susceptible to bribes or corruptions
Despite claiming to be a republic, the venality of the Roman politicians did not favor the majority of Rome’s citizens.


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