Why WordPress?
I guess I should start off by saying why I even joined this site in the first place.  I wanted a space where I could share more of my personal life and things that inspire me.  Originally I had a personal site on LiveJournal, but for certain reasons, I decided to pick that up here.  I want to have something to look back to, and I want a journal to express myself.  However, I think the main reason why I wanted to start this was to create a sort of “knowledge base” for myself for things that I learn or discover.  Some things take more effort for me to be able to remember, and I think that if I blog about them, it will be a little bit more effective.  So this blog may contain a lot of information about bands, artists (musical or otherwise), directors, authors, technologies, philosophies, biological/psychological concepts, current events, historical events, pop culture, and tons more.

Reading this Journal
This purpose of this blog is not to share it with many people, however, I would like people to have access to it.  I’m an incredibly private person, so this will not include things I wouldn’t want a random person on the internet to know.  It will have more information than what I would tell my friends and family, though.  Because it is mostly meant to be a personal journal for me, this blog will probably not be the most entertaining read.  A lot of the time it may just be my thoughts and information about things I discover, as I said in the previous section.  However, I realize that some people enjoy learning about others, and they may appreciate some of the information I share.  If you’ve made it reading this far, you will also probably like my blog posts.

I should probably say that I do not plan on updating my site on a regular basis, and I definitely do not have a schedule or certain days that I will post.  It will most likely happen sporadically, when I learn something or have something valuable to say.

Talking to Me
Just as a warning, I am an incredibly shy person.  It’s a little less pronounced on the internet, but I still do have issues building up the courage to talk to people or start conversations.  However, if you make the effort to leave me a comment, message, or attempt to friend me, I will respond.  Please also forgive me if I sound a little distant in my blog or in discussions; sometimes when I get in the habit of writing a certain way, it sticks with me.  I promise that I do have some personality and that it has nothing to do with how I feel about you.


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