and My New Hobby

This past year I have been looking for a convenient way to keep track of both the movies I’ve seen and the ones I plan on watching at some point.  I was basically looking for a film site comparable to, but I wasn’t finding anything so convenient and well-developed.  However, a few months ago, I did discover a site that I thought had a lot of potential and so I joined.

I will say that it took some time to create my movie lists, but I’m so glad I took the time to do it.  I am so much more organized and more productive when it comes to picking out movies to watch.  And because I obsess over making lists, this site was really useful for relieving some stress about that.

Okay, so the site that I’ve been using is

It has some pretty cool features, including a “Chatter” homepage where members can post comments, ratings, or reviews of the movies they’ve seen or are anticipating.  I recently began reviewing some movies, and it’s been pretty fun.  I forgot how much I love to write, and also contribute to a community.  The chatter page is constantly being updated by member contributions and it usually includes the new releases and movies coming soon to theater.  This makes it pretty convenient to find out which movies I want to see, and it can remind me of any that I have forgotten about!  However, I don’t think this site can completely replace Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb – I will surely keep checking these regularly for opening movies and new releases.

The other great feature this site has is — lists! In the future, the site plans to enable you to create “custom lists”, but for now it has the following lists you can add movies to:

  • Seen That – You can add movies easily to this list by clicking on the eyeball icon, which is available for every movie stored in the site’s database.
  • Own That – Add movies to this list by clicking on the DVD shelf icon.
  • Must See – This is my favorite feature of all because it reminds me of the simple method of adding books that goodreads provides to its members.  You can search for movies through the Chatter or by typing the movie in the search bar.  Add movies to this list by clicking on the + icon.
  • Recommendations – I haven’t used this feature yet, and I’m also not quite sure how it works.  I believe you can choose certain friends or “followers” to recommend specific movies to.  It seems like a nice way to meet people that enjoy similar movies that you do. Conversely, it allows you to use your followers and people similar to you to give you film recommendations.

Overall, I’m really thrilled that I found this site.  I think it’s great.  But I still do feel like I should include the things I’d love to see improved or added.

  • I’d really like to see an even easier way to add movies to your own lists.  And the way I think they should go about that is allowing members to search by genres, actors, directors, year, etc.
  • I’d like to see a “new releases” or “opening” list, similar to what goodreads has. That way I can be updated on new films coming out without needing to go back and forth between multiple sites.
  • It would be nice if recommendations were not limited to members giving recommendations to each other.  I would love to see a feature that looks at your highly rated movies and gives you other movies it thinks you would enjoy.

I’m sorry if this sort of reads as an endorsement for this site, but I really am psyched about it and I’ve been spending a lot of my day writing reviews on there.  I just thought I’d share it with anyone else that is possibly looking for just this!! I’m sure I can’t be alone in my obsession with creating lists for the media I enjoy.

Also, if anyone has found any sites similar to this for television, music, or video games (or even a better site for movies), I’d love to know! IMDb and aren’t quite satisfactory to me for TV and music – at least not for what I want to use them for.

Thanks for reading!